Istanbul Cleaning (Environmental Management)

City Cleanliness

We carry out the cleaning of main arteries and squares with devotion and meticulousness to ensure the environmental aesthetics of our Istanbul, the owner of ancient culture and civilisation. We know that Istanbul is the common heritage of all of us, and we contribute to this heritage by cleaning Istanbul.

Sea Surface Cleaning

We clean approximately 5 million m² of sea surface area, solid wastes and bottom mud that adversely affect marine life and ecosystem with our professional team and modern vehicles.

Coastal and Beach Cleaning

The total length of the coasts of Istanbul, which is adjacent to two seas, is 515 km... We clean the coasts and beaches in order to protect the beauties of our Istanbul, the owner of an ancient culture and civilisation, which has a Bosphorus passing through it and also has the Golden Horn.

Bazaar Cleanliness

An area of 250,000 m2 (approximately the size of 35 football fields) is cleaned daily in Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir bazaars.