City Cleanliness

We carry out the cleaning of main arteries and squares with devotion and meticulousness to ensure the environmental aesthetics of our Istanbul, the owner of ancient culture and civilisation. We know that Istanbul is the common heritage of all of us, and we contribute to this heritage by cleaning Istanbul.

Cleaning of main roads, squares and gateways throughout Istanbul is carried out by ISTAÇ teams.

Continuing to grow and develop economically and socioculturally day by day, ISTAÇ carries out cleaning works in the squares and main roads of Istanbul, which is the most populous city of Turkey with its ever-increasing population.

Performing the washing and sweeping of main roads and squares with its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, less noisy and low emission producing vehicles, İSTAÇ supports the protection of Istanbul's air quality by not releasing particulate matter suspended in the air back into the environment during its cleaning activities.

ISTAÇ provides service with 1,831 personnel and 372 work vehicles, machinery and equipment within the scope of mechanical sweeping, mechanical washing, manual sweeping and carpet cleaning.

With mechanical sweeping, an average of 7.8 million m2 of area is swept daily in 39 districts, 1,524 main roads and squares, and an average of 160 tonnes of sweepings are collected daily.

With mechanical washing, an average of 190,000 m2 area is cleaned daily, and barrier washing and floor washing activities are carried out in squares.

In manual sweeping activities, underpasses, overpasses, bus stops, platforms, squares, intersections with bridges, coastal walking and bicycle paths and metrobus stops are regularly cleaned, posters illegally pasted, graffiti is removed and scrap tyres are removed.