Waste Management

What happens to your household waste?

As a result of urbanisation, settlements are getting larger and larger and it is a very costly and time-consuming process to bring the solid wastes collected from each part of the city directly to the landfill. In order to reduce the cost and save time, the concept of transfer centres has emerged in Istanbul.

Domestic Waste Logistics and Storage

As ISTAÇ, we see environmental management as our identity beyond our business, and we design our unique solutions to environmental problems with responsibility for the future. Established in 1994 with the establishment of İSTAÇ, we have been operating our landfill sites for more than 25 years without interruption. Domestic wastes collected in Istanbul are safely disposed of in landfills on both sides of the city without polluting the soil, water and air.

Recovery and Compost Production

We process some of the wastes collected from the market and market wastes with rich organic waste content and wastes collected from the districts in our composting facility and turn them into compost. The compost obtained is utilised in various parks and gardens of Istanbul.

Medical Waste Management

We carry out the collection, sterilisation and incineration of medical waste generated in all health facilities within the borders of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with our world-class modern facilities and equipment without harming the environment and human health.

Industrial Waste Management

We offer superior service quality by producing safe, fast and integrated solutions for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. With our licensed vehicles and facilities, we serve all of Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Ship Waste Management

In Istanbul, we collect the wastes generated by all marine vessels using the Bosphorus passage or waiting within the provincial borders in accordance with international legislation. The collected wastes are recycled to the economy in our waste acceptance facility, and the wastes that are not recycled are safely disposed of.

Excavation Soil Management

As a result of the intensive urban transformation and construction activities carried out in Istanbul, the fastest developing city in the region, millions of tonnes of excavation soil and construction and demolition waste are generated every month. By using excavation soil, we rehabilitate forest areas destroyed by old mining quarries, and we obtain economic benefits by processing construction & demolition waste.