Excavation Soil Management

As a result of the intensive urban transformation and construction activities carried out in Istanbul, the fastest developing city in the region, millions of tonnes of excavation soil and construction and demolition waste are generated every month. By using excavation soil, we rehabilitate forest areas destroyed by old mining quarries, and we obtain economic benefits by processing construction & demolition waste.

Rehabilitation of Mining Areas

Approximately 5 million tonnes of excavation waste is generated monthly in the construction sector, which grows with urban transformation in Istanbul. In order to prevent the uncontrolled dumping of these wastes in Istanbul and the environmental and visual pollution caused by this, the necessary project design and permission processes are carried out within the framework of laws and regulations, and the mining areas that have lost their qualifications and are not used are rehabilitated after being used for this purpose. These areas are filled with excavated soil in accordance with the natural topography and then restored to natural life through afforestation works.

Apart from these activities, under the supervision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, project-based works for backfilling, recreation and agricultural areas are carried out within the framework of laws and regulations.