Industrial Waste Management

We offer superior service quality by producing safe, fast and integrated solutions for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. With our licensed vehicles and facilities, we serve all of Turkey, especially Istanbul.

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ISTAÇ brings recoverable industrial wastes into the economy and disposes of non-recoverable wastes in a safe manner.

Providing analysis, transport and disposal services for industrial wastes generated in and around Istanbul, ISTAÇ processes recoverable wastes and brings them into the economy, and disposes of non-recoverable wastes safely.

In the management of industrial wastes, ISTAÇ offers integrated solutions for the analysis, transport, packaging and recovery or final disposal of wastes with the most appropriate methods.

Having an accredited Environmental Laboratory, İSTAÇ has the competence to analyse many parameters such as solid waste, medical waste, waste oil, soil, compost, water, wastewater, treatment sludge, etc.

Within the scope of Waste Disposal, İSTAÇ operates Waste Interim Storage, Waste Derived Fuel (WDF), Handling, Stabilisation/Solidification (S/S) and 1st Class Landfill Facilities.

In these facilities, ISTAÇ pre-treats recyclable wastes and sends them to licensed recovery/disposal facilities to contribute to the national economy.