Recovery and Compost Production

We process some of the wastes collected from the market and market wastes with rich organic waste content and wastes collected from the districts in our composting facility and turn them into compost. The compost obtained is utilised in various parks and gardens of Istanbul.

Established in 2001, the Recycling and Composting Facility, which has a waste processing capacity of 500 tonnes/day, produces an average of 12,000 tonnes of compost annually from organic waste.

The compost obtained from the Recycling and Composting Facility is used by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Parks and Gardens for afforestation and landscaping works in various parts of the city.
Mixed domestic wastes coming to the sorting unit in the Recycling and Composting Facility are separated and pet burrs are produced from recyclable PE, PP type wastes. Thus, plastic wastes are processed and recycled to the economy and the damage to the environment is prevented.