Medical Waste Management

We realize collection, sterilization and incineration by our world class modern sites and equipment without harming human health and environment, of the medical waste generated in all health organisations throughout Istanbul.

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Medical Waste Management

Collection of the Medical Waste

Medical waste are collected regularly from around 10.500 different points within city limits of Istanbul. We collect about 28.000 tons of medical waste annually by collecting it with our special vehicles. Collection is made by latest technology equipment and special garments; the vehicles are washed out and sterilized regularly after each duty.

Sterilization of Medical Waste

With the capacity of 40.000 tons/year, the largest medical waste sterilization site is established in Turkey. The site is one of the modern medical waste sterilization sites with its latest technology fully automatic conveyor systems and remote viewing and intervention systems in a closed area of 3000 m2.


Incineration of Medical Waste

The incineration site established in 1995 for the elimination of medical waste by burning them serves for Istanbul with an important mission of protecting environment, as the only and the first in its area. Wastes with higher disease speeding risk such as infectious and pathological wastes are eliminated by incineration instead of sterilization. The gases formed as a result of combustion are taken under control in the treatment units and are constantly monitored by the emission measurement system on the chimney.


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