Zero Waste

What İs Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is designing, using and reusing of a product in a way that generates the least amount of waste, is also collecting and processing the products that turn into waste. In this context, while İSTAÇ AS Zero Waste System develops holistic solutions, aims to expand modern behavior models that define the solid waste-human relationship.

Institutional Type Applications

İSTAC institutional Type Zero Waste implementations include analysis, dimensioning, designing and improving for collecting, transforming, recycling and disposing of solid waste that is generated within the institution (inside or outside) in accordance with the zero waste regulation.

Residential Type Applications

ISTAC Residential Type Zero Waste applications include the planning, optimization and separation systems in order to collect technology of recyclable solid wastes generated in the residential areas of local administrations for recycling/disposal and develop civic amenity sites with social facilities.

Awareness Studies

Awareness Studies include training activities about solid waste in order to develop behavior models and increase technical competence in zero waste practices for institutional, residential and educational facilities.

Recyclability Index
This package reports and determines the measures to be taken and improvements to be achieved in order to determine and / or increase the recyclability of the products.
it is still under development.


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