What is Zero Waste?

Organik Atıklar Dönüşüme, İstanbul Temiz ve Sürdürülebilir Geleceğe!
Sürdürülebilir kent çözümleri üretiyor, şirketinizin organik atıklarını topluyor, kompost ve elektrik enerjisine dönüştürüyor, İstanbul’un ve doğanın geleceğine katkı sağlıyoruz.

As a city in the C40 network; we continue our activities for renewable energy, carbon neutral future, a fair, green and creative Istanbul.

With the technical support of the C40 network, we are implementing all the steps that will make Istanbul a carbon neutral and climate crisis-resilient city in 2050 with policy and strategy documents such as Istanbul Climate Change Action Plan; Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SECAP), Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and Istanbul Waste Management Plan.

We continue our environmental development services under the title of "Carrying out the Necessary Work on the Separate Collection and Recycling of Biodegradable Wastes" in Annex-3/A Article 9 of the Zero Waste Regulation, which is highlighted in the framework of the "Cooperation Protocol on the Collection of Biodegradable Wastes, Biomethanisation and Recycling in the Compost Facility" dated 13/12/2021.

Within the scope of the Biodegradable Waste Management System established by our company, which is a subsidiary of IBB, we recover biodegradable wastes by converting them into energy and compost at our Biomethanisation Plant and Recovery and Composting Plant.

  • Fruit/vegetable waste,
  • Pre-meal (preparation) and post-meal (cooked/uncooked) waste,
  • Bakery products, milk and dairy products,
  • 20 01 08 biodegradable kitchen and canteen wastes,
  • 20 02 01 biodegradable wastes are included in the biodegradable waste category.

We collect biodegradable wastes, which are largely generated in canteens of hotels, hospitals, universities and public institutions as well as markets, food production companies, etc., separately collected at the source.

Considering that waste characteristics and quantities may vary seasonally / periodically, we accept all your requests through your pre-applications in order to determine data such as quality, quantity, accumulation / collection point, collection frequency for your organic wastes separated at source and to provide services for the recovery of these wastes.

The pre-application steps you will follow for the acceptance of organic wastes are as follows:

  • Pre-application form,
  • Calling our Call Centre at 44 5 800,
  • Writing a petition to IBB Waste Management Directorate.

Currently, we only serve our customers on the European Side. We record the requests from the Anatolian Side in our system, and we aim to continue our service for these records on the Anatolian Side in the future.

We transform for life and strive to leave a green heritage for future generations.
We are waiting for your cooperation requests for a sustainable future.